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Thicker is Not Better!!

Lightgard headlight cover kits are only half the thickness of competitive brands yet offer superior performance and durability. Most manufacturers of headlamp protection kits boast the use of thick 30-50 mil clear plastic sheet that is hand laminated using generic pressure sensitive adhesives with no formal testing methods. These products are extremely hard to apply to the compound curves of modern vehicle headlamps and tend to fail, especially in temperatures below freezing.


Why do you need headlight protection?

(Click Here to choose your vehicle) Today's acrylic headlights are very expensive. Replacement cost can be from $500 to as high as $2,500 per lamp on some models.

Acrylic headlights do get damaged. Modern acrylic headlights are susceptible to scratches, pits from flying road debris, and fine hair line fractures that can allow moisture to get into the lens causing fogging. UV damage from sunlight can cause yellowing of the lens and make acrylic brittle.Watch as a customer tests lightgard on a glass light.

We offer two models of kits depending on the level of protection desired.

Lightgard LS (Aerogard 8 mil) is our basic light protection kit. It provides very good protection from scratches, pits from flying road debris, and fine hair line fractures that can allow moisture to get into the lens causing fogging. Both Lightgard film kits have UV inhibitors that help to prevent hazing and yellowing of the acrylic lens due to exposure to sunlight.

The very best protection for your lights is our UltraLightgard kit (Aerogard 14 mil). Lightgard is a virtually optically clear film from 3M's Aerospace division. This film has been tested at 500 mph, simulating the flying speeds of modern jet aircraft. It has also been tested at temperatures down to -30 centigrade with no damage to the film or adhesive. Used on wing tip lights, landing gear lights and radar nose-cones of jet aircraft, ClearMask Lightgard film is clearly a better option than stiff, hard to apply, hand laminated alternatives.

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